Outsourced General Counsel

Walter Devins, Attorney

In-house general counsel can come as an extra large expense to small or medium-sized businesses. In the face of legal crises, these businesses may suffer by not receiving timely legal advice. They must react to such crises instead of planning ahead of time for them. Then, the original decision to save costs by not having in-house counsel may ultimately cost more money in the long run of the legal battle, perhaps even stalling business until legal issues are sorted out.

Thankfully, a new option is emerging for small and medium-sized businesses besides whether to take on the costly expense to have in-house general counsel or to risk and do without. This third option is referred to as outsourced general counsel through which law firms, such as Harrison & Devins Law Firm, offer a consistent source of legal counsel for a lower monthly rate than the cost of hiring a lawyer as a full-time company employee. Features and services offered by the outsourced counsel include:

• Accessibility. Attorney is available for easy client access. Clients receive feedback concerning pressing legal issues without worrying about hourly rates.
• Check-ins. Attorney provides routine check-ins to help keep the business’ current activities and policies legally sound.
• Corporate Counseling. Includes the selecting and managing of other specialized legal resources.

The outsourced general counsel maintains a network of other specialized attorneys outside its own core expertise on corporate counseling. This network allows the firm to offer the most complete general counsel coverage. The relationships maintained within the outsourced counsel’s network also enable the attorney to negotiate competitive rates for his client. In addition to the legal network, the outsourced general counsel maintains connections with angel investors, business consultants, venture capital firms, and other business-related resources.

Consider hiring Harrison and Devins Law Firm as your outsourced general counsel and count on receiving efficient and strategic guidance without the in-house counsel price tag. Contact us today to learn more about our business model and how we can help your business succeed.

Walter Devins

Harrison & Devins, PA