Social Media Policy for Your Employee Handbook

Walter Devins, Attorney

There is a lot of talk right now about how to effectively draft a Social Media Policy for your company’s Employee Handbook.  Does your company have one?

There are a lot of different viewpoints out there; as there are with anything.  However, there is one article that is so ridiculous I would be remise if I did not point it out to you.  The following link is to a “Inc. Magazine” article that suggests Employee Handbook’s have a policy for each type of Social Media communication.  In essence creating 18 different sub-policies for Social Media. Even this lawyer (me) thinks this is way over-lawyered.

I believe companies can help themselves and their employees by creating a Policy that:

  • Describes overall what Social Media is and how this policy will apply to it.
  • Sets the limits on what can be accessed on company equipment (Computers and Mobile Phones).
  • Limitations on employees representing the company.
  • Limitations on revealing confidential information.

To sum it up, companies need to have a Social Media Policy, but it should be short concise and to the point.

Walter Devins

Harrison & Devins, PA